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Diet Plans For Weight Loss – What Are the Best Diet Plans For Weight Loss? What’s Hot and What’s Not

According to Consumer Report, Volumetrics is the best diet plan. This does come as a surprise, doesn’t it?, especially when there is a whole lot of hype and hoopla around low fat diets, low carbs diet and high protein diets. The reason why Volumetrics was given the highest rating was because it is a well grounded diet plan that does not overpromise. Even Webmd which is one of the most trusted health websites, gave a favorable review for this diet plan.

The other diet plans that were quite highly rated are Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Slim Fast with very little to choose in between them as the ratings were quite tightly highly ranked. Midratings were given to eDiets, Zone Diet, Ornish Diet and Atkin’s Diet took the last place.

According to Metcaf the things that worked into these ratings were as follows, “The things that go into the rating are the nutritional analysis – we analyze a week’s worth of menus straight off the book or Web site – and we also rate them according to how well they conform to the 2005 U.S. dietary guidelines, which we think is a good consensus on a healthy diet.”

However these ratings should be taken with a grain of salt but they serve as a good guideline nevertheless. Following this publication, several disgruntled authors/creators of diet plans who did not receive high ratings as they anticipated voiced their disappointment.

In short, no diet can work miracles. It is entirely up to you to make sure that you have a good diet plan along and exercise regularly to lose and maintain your weight.

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