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Lose Belly Fat – 2 Secrets To Fat Loss

Are you having trouble losing belly fat? You probably often say to yourself that you have tried every fat loss method out there to get rid of belly fat. That fat still seems to stay there… doesn’t it?

You also probably end up coming across a lot commercials and TV ads that make all sorts of claims that you can get rid of stomach fat in just a few days with their special pills, and other supplements. Oh and I won’t forget to mention those gadgets that you strap to you your stomach, and all the sudden your tummy turns into this all star abdominal physique, I will also not forget to mention the ab rollers.

Hopefully after you are done reading this article you will see that these magical things that these companies have come out with are a complete insult. You cannot lose weight and have a toned body overnight, nor in a few days. That’s just the truth. There is no magic pill.

The only pill that I know of that has made people lose weight is amphetamines. Do you really want to be putting amphetamines in your body? Ugh I don’t think so. When people do consume these they eventually stop taking them, and then go back to their old habits and become even fatter.

So lets navigate away from all these scam products, and get to scientifically proven ways of getting rid of stubborn belly fat for life.

1.) The first thing we are going to talk about is how you manage your workouts. To get rid of stubborn belly fat, you need to stop wasting your time and effort doing exercises that are focused on the stomach. Crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts etc… are all a waste of time.

You do not lose stomach fat by doing workouts or exercises that target your stomach area. That is the truth. Most people know this, and they still end up focusing on their stomach area.

Now… I am not saying to fore go all of these things. In fact these abdominal workouts can strengthen the core of your stomach. However they should only be a small part of your workout routines. You need to spend more of your time focusing on workouts that work the larger muscle groups of the body, such as the legs, back, and chest.

Are you really interested in getting rid of your tummy fat? Well you need to start doing what I am about to tell you NOW. Get yourself a barbell and start doing squats, dead lifts, step-ups, and some chest and back exercises. Also when doing this, keep the rest periods to a minimum. This means no more five minute resting periods between sets.

Getting rid of your stubborn stomach fat requires you to focus your intensity on your exercises. The people that tell you that you can just sit down and watch the television, while wearing some ab belt, or popping some pill are straight up lying to you.

2.) The second thing we are going to talk about is how that belly flab you have revolves around your nutrition. Diets only work against you, if you keep following all these trendy low carb diets, you are losing certain nutrients that you are going to need, such as proteins, carbs, and fat.

You know what is healthy for you. Humans were meant to eat a variety of all types of foods. As long as you are not filling yourself with junk food all the time, you are still able to get rid of your belly fat by using what we talked about before.

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