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Workout Routines – Expert Routines For Fitness And Health

Once you are done with workout routines as a beginner, you get the hang of working out to stay fit. Its time to move onto more effective expert workout routines to make you feel proud of your muscular and well-toned body. Apart from the basic weight exercises as well as stretching and cardio exercises, it is a good idea to start more intense core training, power lifting and leg muscle exercises. There is no point in showing off great biceps with chicken legs.

Expert workout routines mainly comprise of alternating cardio exercises with gym training. Gym training deals with intense weight training covering six areas of the body – shoulders, chest, lateral section, biceps and triceps, core area or the midsection, and the legs. The general workout regime consists of a day’s cardio exercises followed by gym workout the next day, concentrating on any two areas of the body, and again cardio exercises the following day. Therefore, three days of gym workouts using weights cover all six areas of the body.

The following workout routines need to be concentrated upon at the expert level:
Cardio exercises: Cardio exercises are mainly aimed at reducing body fat to give a leaner and fitter you. This workout involves increasing the heart beat rate through exercises like running, jogging, cycling, steps aerobics, cross-country skiing, swimming, etc.

Core training: Core training is one of the much demanding expert workout routines that involves tightening of the core muscles that run the length of the trunk and torso, mainly the mid-section or the abs as well as the muscles controlling the spine and pelvic movements. By strengthening the core muscles, you are not only able to reduce abdominal fat, but also decrease strain in lower back thereby preventing back pain in that region.

Leg muscle building: The weight of the body falls on the legs and hence workout routines involving the legs are very essential for a perfectly balanced body. Squats, curls and leg press exercises to strengthen thigh, calf and hamstring muscles are a must for expert workouts.

Power lifting: This is a workout mainly meant for strength gain. It is a combination of bench press for chest and back, squats and curls for legs, military press and dumbbells for shoulders and triceps every alternate day with rest days in between. Power lifting workout routines helps muscle-building to a certain extent though strength building is the core issue in this case.

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Best Workout Routines for Women

Be it a man or a woman; appearance matters a lot. Today, the trend of muscle building can be apparently seen all across the globe. The gyms in the cities or towns stand as a proof of how the people and especially the youngsters are crazy after muscle building. Though the muscle building is the ultimate end, the definition slightly differs for males and females. Most men may desire to have the muscular body, whereas that may not be the objective of the females. For females, it is the toned body that makes them look appealing and sexy. Where most men strive to gain masculine figure, the women prefer to have a toned body. Moreover, the females have naturally less hormones required to get the muscles like men do. However, there is nothing to worry as the adequate nutritious diet and planned workout will render a strong and toned body.

Another salient difference between the male and female muscle building is the workout plan. For women, it may be a bit tough to make a 5 day workout plan in the initial state. So, it is not bad to start with a 3 day workout plan. After a few days, the 5 day workout plan can be adopted. Some exercises such as the lifting of weight may seem to be somewhat awkward for the women initially, but they will be certainly comfortable with it in a few days. Likewise, all the other exercises will also appear to be normal after a few days of workout.

One of the significant aspects of all workout plans is that the person gets the full body exercise. However, it may not be possible doing the exercise for all the parts of the body in the same session. And, it is for this reason that the workout routine should be planned in a meticulous manner. In a 5 day workout plan, the first day can be dedicated to the legs and butt; the 2nd day to the back & biceps; the 3rd day to abs & cardio; the 4th day to chest, shoulders & triceps; and the 5th day to the butt, calves & cardio. Thus, from Monday to Friday, the workout routine can be planned and the workout can be done in an orderly and holistic manner equally justifying all the parts of the body.

Again, the number of sets in the exercises also needs to be planned. In the initial stages, the number of sets can be small. This can be then gradually increased. For the women desiring to get faster muscles and toned body, it is advisable to take the workout training under an expert. The incorrect way of workout may adversely affect the body and thus prove to be detrimental. Moreover, the women seeking to lose weight need to be very much careful towards their dietary intake. The women desiring to gain weight can choose the best supplements available in the market and catalyze the muscle growth. However, it is not wise to be fully dependent on the muscle building supplements.

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Fitness – How to Workout at Work – 10 Tips

How do you find time for fitness during the work hours? Look for opportunities to workout at work by periodically exercising throughout your work day. Following are 10 tips for fitting in physical activity while on the job:

1. Walk or bike to work.

If possible, make the most of your commute by walking or biking to work. If you ride the bus, get off a few blocks early and walk the rest of the way. If you must drive, park far away to get in a quick walk.

2. Take the stairs.

If you have a meeting on another floor, get off the elevator a few floors early and use the stairs, or skip the elevator entirely. Use the restroom on another floor and take the stairs.

3. Schedule fitness breaks.

Take a short walk instead of hanging out in the lounge with coffee or a snack.

4. Start a lunchtime walking group.

Find some co-workers to walk with during lunch breaks. A regular exercise routine and the support of your co-workers may help you stick with the program.

5. Block off time on your calendar.

Schedule physical activity as you would any other appointment during the day. Don’t change your exercise plans for every interruption that comes along. Remind yourself that physical activity is important, too.

6. Plan ahead for work travel.

Bring your jump rope or choose a hotel that has a fitness facility. While waiting for a plane, grab your bags and take a walk.

7. Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair.

This will strengthen your abs and back. You’ll work on your posture without even trying.

8. Set goals.

Use a pedometer to track the number of steps you take every day. Set new goals every week or so such as 5,000 steps then 6,000 steps, etc.

9. Use your headset.

Instead of sitting idle at a desk talking on the phone, walk and talk with a headset on.

10. Head to the mall for lunch.

Park far away and eat something healthy. After lunch, go for a quick walk around the mall.

Any movement is better than none, so be creative. By adding short bouts of exercise to your daily routine, you’ll burn more calories and will reduce stress.

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The Best Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilding nowadays has been attracting more and more youths towards itself as it helps the person to look great with those huge and bulky muscles. It has been nowadays considered as a popular sport which is carried out by many youths and they also enjoy this by showing off their physique and bulky muscles. In their case, the person has to remain committed to bodybuilding and should hope for the best until he attains the final goal of bodybuilding. For this he has to undergo rigorous training and perform various bodybuilding exercises to achieve his goal. Remaining focused and never losing hope solves 50% of the problems and fastens the process of bodybuilding. Every task depends upon the will power of the person. If the will power of the person is strong then no external force can stop him in attaining his goals.

The effective bodybuilding can be done by regular bodybuilding exercise. This means that the person would have to go to the gym regularly. Some do those exercises at home only but most of the people perform these exercises in the gyms where the instructor gives them proper instructions about how to the exercises properly. While performing these exercises there are also some rules that are to be kept in mind. If a person is performing those exercises which do not utilizes a proper technique and are done randomly does not actually help the person in achieving his ultimate goal of bodybuilding. It only hinders his path towards bodybuilding. Moreover these exercises which do not use any technique can be proved to be dangerous at times and can injure a person which would in turn take more time in the process of bodybuilding.

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Burpees For Fat Loss – Fat Loss Workouts

Using burpees for fat loss is a great challenge and one that will deliver a very quick result.

In short a burpee is where you start standing, squat down, go into a pushup position, come back into the squat position and then back to standing. Sounds easy enough right?

Simple exercises lead themselves to challenging workouts however! Because the exercise is simple in nature, it is very safe to use for high repetitions, high intensity and high fatigue. That doesn’t mean you can completely disregard your technique though, don’t let your hips sag in the push up position and if your back, shoulders or knees start hurting drop it back a little.

Burpees For Fat Loss: Sample Workouts

Tabatas: Using this format is a fast and challenging way to workout. The ‘tabata protocol’ has you perform eight rounds of twenty seconds of maximum intensity with 10 seconds rest. So it will look like this; burpees for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat another seven times. Sounds easy enough right, give it a go and let me know what you think!

The key with using this format of training is that the 20 seconds of work has to be everything you’ve got. You won’t get the same fat burning results if you cruise through the work period. By the end of this four minutes you should be spent!

100 Rep Challenge: Once again, simple in design but you need to be careful of any workout that involves the word ‘challenge’!! As you might have guessed you will be doing 100 repetitions of burpees for time. 100 burpees in 10 minutes is OK, 5 minutes is good and anything less is fantastic. If you are knocking these out in quick time, try some of the harder burpee variations.

Ladders: As with a regular ladder, you can either climb up or climb down. This works well pairing the burpee with another exercise such as shadow boxing for time, or just with a rest in between ‘sets’. Going up the ladder will look like this: 1 burpee followed by 10 seconds rest or shadow boxing, 2 burpees rest or shadow box, 3 burpees etc. Coming down the ladder you will start at 10, 15 or 20 burpees and work your way back down to 1. One up to 10 (or 10 down to one) will give you 55 repetitions in total and is a great number to start with.

The best way to add burpees for fat loss into your workout routine is to do them as a finisher after your regular weight session, or you can do them on a separate day for extra conditioning. Pick one of the methods above and use it for a couple of weeks and try to add repetitions (tabatas or ladders), decrease your times (100 rep challenge, ladder) or increase the difficulty of the burpee variation! All in all they will be a great addition to your fat loss workouts and also boost your fitness quicker than most traditional methods.

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Cardio Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

Everyone knows that cardio workouts are great to lose belly fat and body fat in general. But why do so many people who do a lot of cardio show almost no results? Why do some people do hours of cardio week after week and still walk around with stubborn body fat in all sorts of places, mainly the abs?

The answer is twofold:

1. They do the wrong type of cardio

2. They do it in the wrong way.

Now, any form of workout is better than none, so don’t feel bad if you find out when reading this article that you could’ve worked out more effectively. You still did a lot more than the majority of people. Now is the time to hone your workout skills so you can get the best results you can possible have.

Step 1 – The right workouts

Workouts are not made equal. Some burn a lot more fat than others. The key is to spend your time on doing the more intensive sort of workouts, those that burn more fat per minute. Some of those workouts include: running, rowing, kick-boxing, hiking, and outdoor biking.

By doing these workouts you burn more fat, get lean faster, and develop a killer fitness level.

Step 2 – Do the workouts the right way

In the past, the most important factor which people judged their workouts on was the length of time and nothing more. If you ever wondered why some people do cardio for hours and still can’t shed the fat, this is why. If you want to do cardio workouts to lose belly fat, you need to focus on how intensive they are and not on how long they take. After all, you can walk for 60 minutes or run for 20. Which do you think will be more effective? Which will burn more fat?

The key is to push your body while doing cardio not just to pass time about. A great way to do that is to do interval training in which you change the pace of your workout every few minutes. For instance, you can sprint for a minute and then walk at a rapid pace for 3 to cool off. You not only burn off more fat this way but train your body at a variety of paces which is much better for it.

In conclusion

Do the right kind of cardio in the right way and you will shed body fat and belly flab fast. 

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Top 5 Essential Supplements For Fitness Workouts

There is always the age old argument of whether supplements are truly necessary as part of any fitness routines. It is important to get your basic nutrition as close to perfect as you can before considering any supplements. very few people have a diet that is varied and consistent enough to give you all the vitamins and minerals you need. In this fast paced world, it is hard to be “nutritionally correct” every day. So I conclude that some supplemental help is needed, especially for beginners.

The next question could be “are supplements safe’? The short answer is yes as long as they are “dietary” supplements which are basically food. I would never propose or condone anybody taking illegal or dangerous supplements such as steroids or banned and diet pills.

Also, to clarify, whole foods are better for getting your vitamin and mineral needs than a pill, but it isn’t always possible to do that. Again,I am a proponent of food supplements. Getting the right vitamins and minerals is critical to your fitness workouts. Without them, you are, basically, almost wasting your time and energy. Here we go with the critical supplements:

1. Multi Vitamins: Duh These will specifically cover any lack in your diet. Get a very good name brand such as One-A-Day or whatever. The best part of a multi vitamin is it will fill any hole in your diet.

2. Glutamine which is an amino acid. Foods that Glutamine are found in are beans, cabbage, spinach(yuk), milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, beef, and more. Glutamine is obviously easy to get from foods but are you getting enough? Glutamine is chiefly responsible for strength and stamina in your body and gets depleted quite a bit during a workout. You NEED to get the levels back up.

3. Protein – Specifically whey protein. Whey protein is the best protein because it absorbs the fastest in the body. It can be found in chicken breast, egg whites,milk, some breads, ice cream, etc. You would have to eat an awful lot of these foods to keep your protein up for workouts. This is probably the one supplement that makes the MOST sense to take.

4. Fish oil – This is a major source of fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential in any fitness program. I take fish oil because I can’t stand to eat fish. I have no choice but to take fish oil capsules.

5. Creatine – Creatine is a big help in your bodies recovery from a workout. It is also very beneficial for endurance. This can help you do longer and stronger workouts. Note: Creatine is not steroids like some people commonly believe. Creatine is found mostly in red meats, some fish like tuna or sushi(double yuk), and in lesser amounts, milk and some berries.

That is it for today. Look for more articles on nutrition and fitness workouts in the future.

Thanks For Reading,


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Ab Workout for Men – Basic Workout Tips

Every guy wants great abs. That’s no secret. The problem is that everyone has a different idea about what is the best ab workout for men. When you’re looking to buff up your abs and show off your muscles, you have to find the right moves. Toning and shaping your core isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science. Dead lifts are a great workout tool for your back and abs, which is something that a lot of people don’t realize. These lifts will help tone your lower back and give you abs of steel at the same time because of how they pull the muscles and make them work.

Planks are one of the must-haves on any ab workout for men. A plank is when you start on your stomach and bring yourself up into a push up position. However, you don’t go down. Simply hold the position for 30-60 seconds, and then slowly let yourself down. Repeat this 3-5 times for the best results. It might not seem that hard at first, but this position requires you to hold still and use all of your core muscles to keep things where they belong, which is why it is so effective.

Crunches and bicycle crunches are two more staples in an ab workout for men. These work the upper and lower abs, as well as your oblique muscles. You will get great results from these two exercises when you are focused on form and doing them properly. Don’t speed through 100 crunches. Instead, do just a few and do them slowly so that you can feel the burn and put the muscles under more stress. There is a lot that comes from these two basic exercises, but you have to do them correctly if you want them to work.

Everyone thinks that they know the best ab workout for men, but the truth is that you might find something that works better for you than everyone else. Figure out what you like, what gives you results, and then go from there. There is no right or wrong way to get a great ab workout as long as you are choosing exercises that actually produce results like the ones listed here. If you find other moves that are effective, add them to your routine as well. In no time at all, you can have great abs with the right workouts.

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Exercises and Workouts – How To Progress Your Cardio Workout Routine

Has your cardio routine become stale? If you feel as though your cardio routine just isn’t delivering the result it used to, it could very well be because you have progressed to a level where the cardio routine you are doing no longer challenges you. This means it’s a great time to kick things up a notch, taking your cardio routine to the next level. Remember you need to be continually adjusting and adapting your workout program if you hope to see ongoing results.

So how can you best progress your cardio training? Let’s look at a few ways…

1. Add More Duration. First, consider adding more total cardio time to your workout sessions. If you were going for 30 minutes, aim for 33 to 35 minutes next session. Just don’t increase your cardio time by any more than 10 to 15% per workout.

This will allow your body to best adapt and ensure you don’t suffer from an injury or burnout.

2. Up The Intensity. Next, you can also increase the intensity of your cardio workout routine. If you have not yet tried interval training, this will likely be the route you want to go. Few exercises will challenge your body as much as high intensity intervals, so it can be a great pick for those who really want to set the bar higher.

Just note moving to this form of workout is going to be more taxing on your entire body, so you’ll only want to do it once to twice per week. Especially if you are doing other strength training workouts along with this – you’ll want to ensure you only have four intense workouts per week. Keep in mind there’s a fine line between the level of intensity you choose and overtraining.

3. Increase The Frequency. Finally, the last way you can progress your cardio workout routine is to increase the frequency in which you are doing your workouts.

If you were exercising just three times per week, aim to add a fourth session in there. Just remember you do always need at least one day off from all exercise every week to allow for full rest and recovery.

Furthermore, you need to ensure your cardio workouts do balance out with the rest of the workouts in your plan or you could start suffering from overuse injuries.

So keep these three methods of progression in mind. Only use one at a time, choosing which you prefer to progress with first.

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Best Workout Routine

Thank you for reading Best Workout Routine. There’s a maxim known as Pareto’s Principle, more commonly referred to as the 80/20 principle. In a nutshell it means that 80% of your benefits comes out of just 20% of your work. Thus if you had only a few minutes a day to dedicate to your health and fitness, there could be three or four exercises that will deliver a full body workout. I’m not saying anyone abandon your full length routine for this. But if you are hard pressed for time, these would become the best exercise plan to perform. By varying these 3 exercises, you can hit nearly every muscle around your body. This is the best workout routine when you’re busy.

Push Ups.

Pushups have existed for more than a century, They were used by the armed forces after The second world war. It seems that Push ups are one of the very first activities we learn, but then quickly neglect.

What push ups work.

Push-ups efficiently work the Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, and Ab muscles.

How to do a standard push up.

Start out on your hands and knees. Set the hands palms down on the floor directly underneath your shoulders. Extend your legs away with your feet together and your toes touching the ground. Maintain your body as straight as possible. Bend the elbows and slowly move all the way down till the upper body is close to the floor then push back up. That is a regular push up. It exercises both the chest and the triceps.


There looks to be plenty of variations of the push up. I will only name a handful here, but if you search you can discover more.

1. Elevated pushup. This is the same as a standard pushup except your feet are sitting on an item raising them off the ground. The more you raise your lower limbs the more bodyweight you will lift. Raised push ups also adjust the focus to your upper chest along with shoulders.

2. Wide grip pushup. It’s simillar to a regular push-up except you move your hand out wider than shoulder distant a part. The larger grip applies more work on your chest muscles and less on your arms.

3. Diamond pushup. Now take your hands and set them together so your index fingers and your thumbs form a diamond. (This is also known as a heart to heart pushup since your hands make a upside down heart). Have your hands and wrists immediately beneath your chest and place your feet roughly shoulder width a part. These will hit your triceps more than your chest.

If push-ups are too difficult.

Elevate your upper body. this will be the opposite of the elevated push-up. Keep your toes on the ground and position your chest on a bench. The more you lift your upper body the less difficult it gets. You could perform these against a wall if you have to.

Raising the Intensity.

1. Plyometrics. You can increase the intensity of any one of the different types of push-up through exploding off the floor as hard as you can. Try throwing your chest and arms off the surface each and every time you push up.

2. Hand stand push-up. It is done by doing a hand stand near a wall (roughly a ft. away). Next having your feet in contact with the wall for stability. Go down until your scalp touches the floor and then push back upward. This works primarily your shoulders and triceps.

Pull Ups.

Pullups have always been one of my personal favored exercises. I recall in school, I was not the strongest child, but I could do the most pull ups (i had been a thin kid), I was always proud of that.

What pull-ups work.

Pull-ups really are the best workout routine for the upper back out there, they also work biceps and forearms pretty well.

How to do a standard pullup.

You need a pullup rod. Grip the bar with the palms facing away from you. palms should be shoulder width or just a little farther a part. Hang from the rod with your arms straight or slightly bent. Then draw oneself upwards till your chin is above the bar. Next slowly lower your self in a controlled manner to the starting position.


Once again there are a bunch of versions of the pull-up, however i will only highlight a few here.

1. Chin up. Chin ups are just like pull ups but you grab the rod with your palms facing toward you. You typically use a closer grip than a normal pull-up. Chin-ups work your biceps more than ordinary pullups.

2. Close grip pullups. Just like a regular pull up but your hands can be very close to one another. These will work your biceps more than your back.

3. Wide grip pull ups. It is similar to a standard pull up, but you grab the bar around 6 inches wider than your shoulders. Wide grip pull-ups work your upper back muscles more than a common pull up.

If pullups are too difficult.

1. Assisted pull up machine. If you belong to a gym it very likely contains one of these machines. They offer a push to help you to do pull ups. The greater weight you put the less difficult it is. Thus as an example if you happen to be two hundred lbs and you choose fifty pounds of weight on the machine. You will be lifting one hundred and fifty lbs. of your own bodyweight.

3. Lateral pull-downs. This isn’t a pull-up, however it is something a person can perform to increase your own muscle in your upper back. This may be carried out using the lat pull down machine, or even with resistance bands. This movement is similar to pullups and works exactly the same muscles.

Raising the intensity.

1. Weighted pull-ups. Add weight to the pull ups to build up the difficulty.

2. Muscle ups. To do a muscle-up you have to pull-up hard and fast and bring your chest above the rod. When you finish off the rod has to stop at your hips.


I do not mind push ups, and I seriously love pull-ups, but I despise squats. but they happen to be the best workout routine for the lower body. I loathe these because they are so effective. After I finish doing a tough set of squats I feel like I cant walk.

What squats work.

Squats work your lower back, your butt, and the rest of your leg muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves).

How to do a standard squat.

Stand up with your feet shoulder width a part and set your arms straight out ahead of yourself. Squat down bend at the knees and hips. Hold your bodyweight on the heels only use the rest of your foot for stability. Go down to where the upper thighs are parallel with the flooring, then drive back upward until your lower limbs are just about straight. For safety always perform heavy squats with a power rack. When starting out use very little or no weight until you feel secure with the movements.


1. Front Squat. It is very similar to the common squat other than you carry the barbell with the front of your shoulders. This is harder so you may have to lower the weight. This may also make it possible for you to go lower a lot more than the normal squat.

2. Sumo Squat. This is completed like a standard squat other than your lower limbs will be spread farther a part and the toes are directed outwards.

If squats are too difficult.

1. Place a bench beneath you. If you feel unstable put a chair or bench so that when you arrive at your lowest position your bottom barely touches the stool and thrust back up.

2. Leg Press. When squats are too hard you can begin doing lower-leg presses with a nautilus machine.

Stepping up the intensity.

1. Overhead squat. This is just like a conventional squat but you hold the bar right above your head. It will need you to drastically lessen the weight, but this activity engages your whole body for balance.

2. One leg squat. This is tricky since they’ll need a whole lot of balance. Take a position on a single leg with the other leg raised and somewhat ahead of you. Squat upon a single leg and press back up.

Some final thoughts

Final Thought

The best workout routine in my opinion is a few key exercises that target a whole lot of muscles in the body. I believe a few variations of these three exercises works the most efficiently.

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