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The Best Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss

There are several cardio workouts recommended all over the world when it comes to weight loss. Many of them may help you achieve a thinner body but the best ones are often forgotten by many. This is because they are inexpensive but quite hard to do. It is a known fact that the best exercise for losing weight is running. It is the best cardio workout. Not only that it will help you lose weight but it will also help your overall health.

In order to burn calories rapidly and condition your heart, you should know that there are three known cardio workouts that can help you do that. These three are running, indoor cycling and swimming. If you want to benefit from the best results, a combination of these 3 above is maybe the best approach. Below you will find these 3 cardio workouts and their benefits.

1) Running

One of the best cardio workouts that exist is running. It has great advantages such as burning calories, tones muscles, strengthens bones and increasing lung capacity. Other benefits such as stress relieving or suppressing appetite are achieved through running.

2) Swimming

Swimming is one of the best choices when you want to lose weight. If combined with running, you will achieve great results in a much shorter period of time. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of choosing swimming as your primary type of cardio workout. First of all, swimming is quite expensive if you do not have a free access to a pool. Second of all, you will spend time on going to the pool and this will make some people not keeping the schedule.

3) Indoor Cycling

Many people believe that indoor cycling is the best option in terms of losing weight. This is partially true. Indoor cycling may offer good results and help you lose pounds. The main problem is that it may also cost you a lot of money. Whether you choose to buy one for yourself or go to the gym and use their equipment, it will cost you money. Also, the time you need to spend waiting at the gym to get a free bicycle may be frustrating.

Running is the most convenient and popular cardio workout of losing weight all over the world. All you have to do is put your running shoes, go outside and of you go. You can run almost everywhere and minimal equipment is needed. This makes it much easier to stick to running.

By running you will certainly save money and time. You will save money by not paying monthly fees at the gym or at the pool. Also, you will save time by not waiting at the gym for a cycling machine or at the pool to free up a bit.

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Cardio Workouts For Six Pack Abs

Even though there are so many available workout programs to choose from in developing the muscles, it all still boils down to the thinking that we can be more efficient if we do more. A cardio six pack abs workout proves that it is not always the case. In fact, there is an alternative way wherein you can build your abs without draining all of your energy on very strenuous exercises. Cardiovascular training programs is considered as an aerobic way of muscle building especially for those who are excited to have six packs but are not capable of doing all of the tiring required exercises. Cardio exercises work in such a way that it enables more oxygen to be circulated around the body. The increase in the level of oxygen being pumped will result to the burning of more energy, muscle as well as fats. This process makes cardio six pack abs workout really effective.

So what should really be the cardio six pack abs workout programs to undertake in order to effectively sculpt abs? Well, there is a kind of training designed to specifically develop the abdominal muscles. We call this cardio six pack abs workout as the High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). The main advantage of this training is that it allows the trainee to exercise harder in a shorter span of time. You can feel the benefits of hours of doing ordinary workout activities in just few minutes using the cardio workout HITT. It is vital however to do the exercises under this training program in a changing pace. In addition, your metabolism will increase because more lean muscles will be utilized in burning fats as a result of the training.

HITT as what the acronym suggests, it needs high intensity of training in intervals. The main difference of HITT as compared to other low intensity cardio training programs is that your metabolism rate is even being raised for the next two days after the training. Metabolism under low intensity cardio training will just return to its normal state after the training in the opposite manner.

There is a simple list of HITT exercises that is fit for less than half an hour. First you need to warm yourself up for 4 minutes. After that you can start running at a moderate speed for a minute. Next is you can do walking for 2minutes. Afterwards, you can run again for another 1 minute but this time your speed should be slightly faster than the first one. You can then proceed to slow jogging and so on. You need to do the stated activities alternately until you reach 20 minutes. However, you can exceed for 20minutes if you think you still have enough stamina. You can do this training program every day and you will eventually notice that your abdominal muscles are becoming more noticeable. A cardio six pack abs workout is a simple way for you to attain six packs.

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Weight Loss Cardio

Cardio exercise is only one part of a weight loss plan. Along with cardio, other factors such as eating properly and strength training should be incorporated for maximum results. Be aware that losing weight is no small task and will demand serious commitment to the job at hand and it will not happen overnight.

It is important not to consume less than 1200 calories per day, as this will be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve. When you starve your body from the much-needed nutrients which it desires, your metabolism slows down, thus making weight loss even more elusive than it may have been before.

However, in embarking on a weight loss programs, cardio activities do play a crucial role and should always be a major factor in any weight loss program.

Tips for Setting Up A Cardio Program

– If you are just starting out then it is highly recommended that you begin with just 3 to 4 days doing any cardio exercise of your choice. It is important to go at your own pace, at a level that is manageable for you.

– Each week gradually add more time to each workout until you are able to do 30-45 minutes intervals continuously.

– As your body strengthens, start incorporating strength training into the mix for a maximum effect.

– Work your way up until you are able to perform cardio routine at least five days per week every week. Incidentally, to avoid boredom, try adding a number of variations instead of just sticking to the same routine week after week.

Here are some general guidelines for using cardio to accelerate weight loss.

For significant weight loss, you will probably need to perform cardio activities for at least five days out of every week. Ouch!

Normally, you should aim for at least 45 minutes each day. However, this does not have to be all at once, but the calories burned need to add up each day for weight loss to occur.

Push yourself as far as you can go with regards to the intensity of your workouts. The faster and more intense your workout is, the more calories will be burned. Though faster may not always necessarily be better, especially when just starting out it is best to take it slow until your body becomes conditioned to the new demands being placed on it.

When starting out with cardio, start with an activity that you can sustain for a while – approximately 15-20 minutes. For instance, you will definitely burn more calories running than walking, but if running totally wipes you out after a few minutes or affects your joints, and then you would be much better off walking.

The number of calories that you can expect to burn doing cardio activities will depend upon your current Weight, age, fitness level, metabolism and muscle mass. Typically, a beginner can usually burn approximately 5 or 6 calories per minute of exercise, while a fitter person will be able to burn around 10-12 calories for the same time period.

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Cardio Fitness Exercises

The term “cardio” is short for cardiovascular. Cardiovascular involves the heart and the blood vessels. The ability for the body’s organs to transport, consume and use oxygen is cardiovascular fitness. By engaging the appropriate exercises for cardio fitness an individual can become more efficient at utilizing the oxygen. The heart becomes increasingly efficient at pumping blood and oxygen to the body.

Participating in a conditioning program for the cardiovascular has many benefits for the individual. The good cholesterol will increase, while the bad cholesterol decreases. Other benefits include lowering blood pressure, decreasing body fat, increasing heart function, decreasing anxiety and reactions to stress, as well as stimulation of insulin and reduction of glucose. An individual can only gain these results with the appropriate mix of frequency, intensity and time.

The number of times each week that an individual exercises is the frequency. The recommended frequency for cardio fitness is a minimum of three days a week. Of course, when first starting out with a program, the type of exercises will be a bit different so that you do not overdo it. Slow and efficient progress is the most beneficial for those just starting out with any type of exercise program. If possible, an individual should try to perform some type of cardiovascular activity every day.

Another important aspect of a good cardio conditioning program is the level of intensity. The amount of work put forth during the work out and how quick you work out define intensity. Keeping the appropriate level of intensity when exercising can define the effectiveness of a work out. A program utilizing an inappropriate level of intensity enhances the process of burning fat. Too much intensity in a cardio fitness program can cause injury, but a certain level of intensity should be sustained in order to maximize potential for burning fat and improve cardiovascular.

The amount of time spent to complete each particular exercise and the duration of the overall session of exercise. As with the other aspects of a cardiovascular workout, the amount of time spent on certain exercises or session duration should gradually increase. A beginner would start out with spending a total of 20 minutes on a cardiovascular workout. That includes warm up and cool down time.

Monitoring your heart rate is key when making the decision to undertake a cardio fitness program. This helps you to assess the progress toward your overall goals so that you know in which direction to regulate the different aspects of your conditioning plan. Each method of cardiovascular training will have a different overall impact on the individual.

The methods of cardiovascular conditioning include aerobic composite training, circuit training, continuous training, fartlek training and interval training. Each method has sub-methods that you could mix up through your work out.

By engaging the appropriate exercises for cardio fitness an individual can become more efficient at utilizing the oxygen. The heart becomes increasingly efficient at pumping blood and oxygen to the body. By choosing the method of cardio fitness training that you prefer, and maintaining the appropriate levels of frequency, intensity and time a person could improve their fitness level and overall quality of life.

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