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Best Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight

We all know that doing cardio can help to lose weight, but not all workouts were created equal. What are the best cardio workouts to lose weight?

1. Jumping rope – This is something which most adults overlook or consider a children’s game. In fact, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the heart pumping and the fat melting. The great thing about jumping rope is that it can be done at home, improves coordination, and works on many muscle groups. It also works very fast and can burn a lot of calories. I love it. You will love it too.

2. Running – My favorite cardio workout and something everyone (without knee problems) should do. Running is a high intensity workout, meaning that it burns more fat in a shorter period of time than other workouts. Running also brings into play practically every muscle group in your body meaning that you’re also strengthening your muscles and not just having a good workout. If you’re interested in getting a firm stomach do some sprinting as well. You’d be amazed at what will happen.

3. Kickboxing classes – I know that a lot of people (especially guys) don’t understand what’s the point of going to a class with fighting moves when there’s no actual fighting involved. However, kickboxing classes can make even a fit person pant like mad and sweat like crazy. I know. I’ve gone to one, and it didn’t help me one bit that I run 10 mile tracks regularly. I still found it hard, because it’s another intensive way to workout the body. It’s an excellent cardio workout to lose weight with.

4. Dancing – If you’re still like to go to night clubs and dance ’till dawn, then do it more often. Dancing burns a lot of calories and it doesn’t even feel like a workout. Dancing is one of the best ways for people who get bored with cardio to still enjoy a great workout and burn fat.

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